Frequently Asked Questions:

Regarding Frames

What’s the most popular frame size?

We know from our selling history that the best-selling size in the market place is 5×7.  Usually the photo size is the outside dimension of the glass, and so you should cut your photo to match the glass size.  Always measure the opening and the glass size before you cut your photo as some glass sizes may vary.

Can my photo frame sit both horizontally and vertically? 

All of our frames come with an easel that allows a frame to sit in either orientation.

Can I hang my photo frame? 

All of our frames come with D-ring hangers on the back that allow you to hang your frame on the wall in either orientation.

Will my photo fade with time? 

If there is contact with direct sunlight, moisture or a spotlight, photos will fade and sometimes even melt into the glass. Placing or hanging your photo in indirect lighting, will help your photos last and bring you years of fond memories.

What are the most popular sizes for wedding photos? 

For wedding parties, the wedding couple may gift 5×7 size photos to relatives and the wedding party, while the 8×10 and larger sizes are reserved for the couple and their parents.

Regarding Mirrors

Can the mirror be hung vertically & horizontally?

Each of our mirrors comes with secured metal rings that allow rectangular mirrors to be hung vertically or horizontally.  Square and Round Mirrors also come with a secured metal ring that allows for one hanging orientation.

Is it more popular to buy one color to match a room or is it OK to have a mix of finishes within a room? 

Based on the selling history we’ve seen, there are many more eclectic mix & match than all matching.  We do find this trend to spike differently for special occasions like Wedding where a family of sizes are purchased.

What is the difference between solid wood and MDF mirrors?

Frame moldings made from solid wood are milled from renewable resources such as pine and mango trees. Solid woods show the natural beauty of the wood grain which make each product uniquely different. “MDF,” stands for “medium density fiber board,” is an engineered wood product made from wood fibers combined with binders and formed into panels.  MDF is generally denser and stronger than plywood and is used in place of solid wood for furniture and home décor items that will have a solid painted finish.

What are some creative ways to use mirrors in my home?

Create a vignette of mirrors by grouping a collection of 3 to 5 mirrors in the same finish, but varying in size and shape to create a “mirror gallery” on any blank wall – instant art piece!  For those smaller spaces –  add a large mirror to any wall in a room or at the end of a hallway to give the illusion of more space. And for dramatic effect, a single distinctive mirror can be a statement piece in any room.

Regarding Albums

How many photos does a 4×6 album hold?

Our standard 4×6 2up albums hold between 120 – 160 photos depending on the page count.  The “2up” description refers to the number of 4×6 photos that can fit on each side of the page – 2 per side, 4 total per page. 

Do your albums have acid free and lignin free pages?

Our album pages come in both polypropylene material and paper with polypropylene pockets. All of our polypropylene is acid free and all of our paper pages are lignin free, which helps to preserve the quality of your photos.

Are your photo albums refillable?

Our photo albums are not refillable. We purposely design them to hold a reasonable number of photos and do not recommend adding additional pages. Too many pages can make page turning cumbersome and can cause wear and tear on the binding.