Our Materials


We work with a variety of metals that are cast, stamped, or formed wire. Each type of metal is thoughtfully designed with attention to craftsmanship. Over 75 percent of each frame involves handwork, including stamping, turning, polishing, soldering, wrapping, drilling and plating.


Our polystyrene is made with 85 percent recycled Styrofoam material. This is one of the greenest products out there and one we are very proud to produce. We are able to turn a very unfriendly material, that would otherwise become landfill, into beautiful frames you can use for years to come.


We love the artisanal craftsmanship we get from our factories in India. Mango Wood is abundant and popular and it’s tones and grains are rich in variety. We go to China for it’s local renewable Pine and Paulownia wood. This means we can offer an array of woods and price points for your every need.


MDF or “Medium Density Fiber Board” is an engineered wood product made from wood fibers and binders and formed into very strong sheets which can be cut or molded into planks or shapes. It is the perfect medium for painting and silk-screening and allows us more versatility in our designs.


For our Photo Albums, fabric rather than paper, is our material of choice. ELSA L offers a wide assortment of fabrics, from pleather that feels and looks like real leather, to linen, to felt in rich bold colors. The key to the success of our fabric-based products is the attention to detail our factory gives to each of the photo albums; from hand wrap and tuck and sew to embroidery, our factory is trained to deliver only the best.