At ELSA L, we have mirrors to enhance and personalize your every room. Mirrors are secret weapons used by interior decorators throughout time to bring light, depth & personality into a room. At ELSA L, we work with our artisan factories to develop techniques and finishes to give fresh takes on time-honored forms. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? At ELSA L, our beautifully crafted mirrors come in an array of materials and colors and oh, let’s not forget we customize the dimensions you need.

Silver Distressed Mirror

Distressed Silver Mirrors

16x20 White Sanded Edge Mirror

Textured Mirrors

Dahlia Set of 3 - V2

Fashion Mirrors

Wood and Green Mirror2

Small Mirrors

Gold Mirror

Gold Mirrors

White w Tiled border

Mother of Pearl Mirrors

Metallic Dip Mirror

Metal Dipped Mirrors

Greek Key Mirror Black

Cut Through MDF Mirrors