As a child, I learned the fine art of being a merchant while working in my parent’s jewelry business. By the third grade, I could spot a diamond’s most minute flaw. Quality and service were paramount; “never compromise” was a constant theme. The lessons learned then have shaped the way the entire ELSA L organization runs today.

At ELSA L, we are passionate about bringing beauty into people’s homes. Our products are developed as pieces of art yet always with an eye toward quality and value. Our large and diverse line is thoughtfully designed to incorporate trend-right styling and exceptional attention to detail.

We put an equal amount of passion into our client relationships. Decades of experience in retail operations and product development help us function as part of your team. We focus on your distinct needs, continuously looking for new and better ways to meet objectives and exceed expectations.

We believe in quality, innovation, reliability, and value at every level. We believe in partnerships founded on clear communication and deep, practical knowledge. And we believe that great beauty doesn’t have to come at great cost.

We never compromise in our pursuit of these ideals. These are lessons from the past, still observed today.

Elsa Leung

Founder and CEO
ELSA L, Inc.